All Black Everything

Wearing head-to-toe black has been dubbed as no-no by Anna Wintour. It can look one dimensional and boring but you can pull off this look without appearing too gothic or as if you are a funeral attendee. I think mixing fabrics, textures, colours, shapes and patterns makes for a more wearable version of most trends. When wearing all black, you may think mixing colours is off the cards, however, there are many different shades of black. Warm or cold. Dark or faded. Here I have paired a black, grid-patterned shirt, with a shiny, pleated skirt made from a disco pants-esque fabric. To complete the outfit, I teamed with black tights, black heeled ankle boots with slight stud detailing and a leather jacket. The accents of the small amount of studding on the boots and the zips on the jacket break up the head-to-toe black look. This, combined with the pattern on the shirt make the head-to-toe black look more wearable. While the mixture of fabrics add balance to the ensemble. Black is always the new black. IMG_5517IMG_5320


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